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Conducting system of the heart animation

Right and left. bundle branches. Action potentials are carried by the Purkinje fibers from the bundle branches to. the ventricular walls. Purkinje fibers. The rapid conduction from the atrioventricular bundle to the ends of the. Purkinje fibers allows the ventricular muscle cells to contract in unison, providing. a strong contraction. These signals are propagated through muscle rather than nervous tissue and are conducted such that they are received by different regions after different periods of delay. This system does not require separate control of different regions of the heart and thus is probably less susceptible to malfunctions. View the animation. 24 Oct Review the main components of the hearts electrical conduction system in this interactive tutorial and test your knowledge.

Electrical impulses from your heart muscle (the myocardium) cause your heart to beat (contract). This electrical signal begins in the sinoatrial (SA) node, located at the top of the right atrium. The SA node is sometimes called the heart's "natural pacemaker.". Potentials - Animation. potentials - Concepts and. Replay. Pause. Cardiac muscle cells have two. attributes that enable the. conduction system to work: Conductile pathway. When the system is healthy,. the signal to contract the entire. conduction system originates. in the SA node - known as the. heart's pacemaker. 22 Dec Fig - Animation of the spread of conduction through the heart. Fig 1 – Animation of the spread of conduction through the heart. The sequence of electrical events during one full contraction of the heart muscle: An excitation signal (an action potential) is created by the sinoatrial (SA) node. The wave of.

The pumping action of the heart (heartbeat) is controlled by the heart's electrical system or the cardiac conduction system. This is a group of specialised cells located Cardiac Conduction System. View the animation below which shows how the cardiac conduction system works and how an ECG monitors the hearts activity.


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