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Beowulf translated by Francis B. Gummere

Individual lines may be referenced by appending ā€œ#lā€ followed by the line number , e.g. #l eBooks @Adelaide The University of Adelaide Library University of Adelaide South Australia Table of Contents Next ā†’. 27 Mar Now Beowulf bode in the burg of the Scyldings,. leader beloved, and long he ruled. in fame with all folk, since his father had gone. away from the world, till awoke an heir,. haughty Healfdene, who held through life,. sage and sturdy, the Scyldings glad. Then, one after one, there woke to him,. to the chieftain. Beowulf was originally written in Old English by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet sometime between the 8th and 11th centuries. It is one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature. This translation, by Professor Francis Gummere, was first published in Source: Gummere, F.B. (). Beowulf. New York: P.F.

BEOWULF. by the mast the mighty one. Many a treasure. fetched from far was freighted with him. No ship have I known so nobly dight. with weapons of war and weeds of battle,. with breastplate and blade: on his bosom lay. a heaped hoard that hence should go. far o'er the flood with him floating. Beowulf Translated In Verse Francis e Epic And Saga The Harvard Classics [Charles W. Eliot Edited Whitley Stokes William Morris Francis B. Gummere John O' Hagan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Beowulf [Frances B. Gummere] on The oldest existing story written in Old English, Beowulf is the classic tale of courage and honor. The literary calisthenics necessary to pull this off make the Gummere translation a bit more demanding to read than other translations, but the rewards far outweight the extra.

The main purpose of this review is to compare the three free versions of Beowulf available for kindle. Which I actually did before, but then Amazon decided to re- version all the common domain books or something, so here we are This version is a translation by Lesslie Hall. It's a very good re-telling of the poem--but it's. Francis B. Gummere's translation of "Beowulf." [Reprinted in facsimile from the edition.]. [lines in sections XXII and XXIII and 5th line from the bottom of folio v, through folio r to 4th line from the top of folio v on Kevin S. Kiernan's Electronic Beowulf CD] Images of the original manuscript text of this section, and an mp3 file of Ben Slade reading it in Old English, are here. Note: there is a.


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